We are technology firm that specializes on Employee Onboarding, Digital Onboarding, And Paperless HR management. Our employee electronic record platform and e-Charting replaces the old boring, paper-heavy HR onboarding process with a simple mobile-friendly, efficient, and error-free innovative technology Solution enables you to access via iPod’s, tablets and mobile devices.

FormDox is a cloud-based HR Portal solution for companies with seasonal, contingent, and high-turnover workforces. It moves the traditionally tedious, paper-heavy process of onboarding a new employee to one that the employee can complete from their phone, tablet, or laptop before their first day of work. Employers can easily stay organized and compliant with an intuitive dashboard to manage their employee files.

Our Technology Firm is based in Columbus, Ohio and our business Solution team is ready to transform your business into paperless transition. We can customize any forms you organization uses in just few days or simply use our existing forms for your employees.

For Employee

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for all your works


    FormDox’s Secure Smartphone and tablet apps support IOS and Android. You will have full Control of our smartphone GPS to provide accurate attendance and is a tremendous security tool for field staff. Go paperless with our GPS Electronic Visit Verification to provide accurate time to track real live GPS visits for billing, reporting and reduce any fraudulent activities. We are the only solution that provides a real live tracking to provide support for work-alone staff members.


    Get hired fast with our modernized pre-hire and Post-hire paperwork uploading system. You can upload Certifications such as CPR, Vaccinations, High School Diploma, College Degree’s and other important papers to be hired fast. Be ready to be hired with one click submission.


    Sign on only once for documents for accuracy and save time. FormDox utilizes the best in class E-signature technology by fingertip on your smartphone or by mouse on a computer, making sure the signature on always looks the same.

For Employer

Local directory is the smartest way to find the best services
for all your works


    Our digital onboarding solution gives you more freedom and fewer headaches. New hires are ready to start working on their first day. Saving you money and time to grow your business. FormDox end-to-end HR solution scores high in usability and attractive user interface with the ease of use and implementation allows employees and clients to complete task both effectively and efficiently.


    For the past years our workforce have been changing into a modernized digital age. We are more connected to our smartphone and Our FormDox Employer Platform works for full time, part time, temp, season, and contractors and on demand employees with customized forms and employee management tools.


    We understand the importance of being in compliance and error free with Federal and State governments. We incorporated validation and approval tool in the process of hiring before accepting to hire them as an employees. If an employee submits something incorrect you can send them back to be corrected and remind them that their file is incomplete until the correct file is resubmitted.

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